Her sneaky plans Published by mrdice82 on 07/12/2017 in Confessions

"Humans, pretty much like some bugs and animals, can be drawn into a female’s trap, where they will have no choice but surrender "

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My name is Jimmy and I am a construction worker. I take pride in working for the development of town. Naturally, I have a ripped physique. I work out constantly, and am quite popular among ladies. However, I cannot seem to be able to keep a steady relationship. I have probably had 3 girlfriends this year alone, but they seemed to lose interest quite quickly. I don’t give up hope though, even if I have such bad luck at romance.


I live by myself in a small apartment, in an apartment lot. I have no problem with this, since I have always been quite the loner. However, everything changed when I fell in love. I fell in love with a girl who moved to the apartment adjacent to mine, which had been vacant for a while. Her name was Roxie, and she was quite the show off. A very attractive girl who flaunted her good things. She had a prominent bust, a beautiful smile, a nice sense of fashion and unmatched charisma. She was a charm, so I fell right for her.


She usually taunted me, and I imagined she was attracted to me as well. I always tried to keep a slight distance so that I would not bother her in case she did not want to be near me that much, but she became a bit more aggressive towards me, flirting directly every time she saw me. One time I was cleaning the front of my apartment and she walked out, wearing just a robe, and asked me to go to her apartment to help her with some pipes that needed fixing. She somehow found out I was a construction worker, so she figured I could help her. I was imagining it was just something innocent, until events unfolded inside her apartment.


I went in and the pipes were perfectly fine, then she said she probably imagined what she saw. Then she offered me some lemonade she made for wasting my time, and I just sat down and waited for her to return with the lemonade. She was walking towards me with a glass of lemonade, then she “tripped” and the lemonade fell over my pants. She got to her knees with a towel and tried to dry me, rubbing my crotch, and I told her to stop. She apologised then told me she could put my pants in the dryer, so she asked me to take them off.


I did, and suddenly I was just wearing a tank top and my boxers, standing in the middle of her kitchen. She took my pants to the dryer, then walked towards me and slowly opened her robe to reveal her naked body before me. Without a word, she got to her knees and approached me, then started to rub my crotch, making me hard in a few moments. She pulled my boxers down and started to suck on my cock. I figured I may as well just enjoy it, since she seemed really into me. I started to caress her head as she sucked my cock, then I pulled her up from the ground. We started to kiss, then I pinned her against a counter and rammed her from behind.


I started to fuck her slowly, speeding up as I made her clit loosen up. Then, I started to fuck her harder and harder, making her moans louder. Her pussy was opened and pink, and I pulled put to fuck her in the ass. After minutes of fucking, I let out my cum in her ass, then pulled out. I could see the semen oozing out of her asshole. She laid over the counter and thanked me while fingering herself slowly.

I put my clothes back on and left her apartment. She didn’t move from where we fucked, and I just left. I continued trying to get in contact with her, but she was non-available most of the time, for some reason. Some weeks later I learned that she moved out, to my dislike. Guess I was good for a one and done deal.


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