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I hate being caught doing stuff others don’t have to see…

Author: hillsnat
Date: 19/03/2018
Reading time: 4 minutes
Rate: 9.0

A Date with an Angel POPULAR

A story of unleashing a dark desire.

Author: anonymous
Date: 15/03/2018
Reading time: 11 minutes
Rate: 0


My husband and I have a day of wet fun

Author: ha-alex
Date: 20/02/2018
Reading time: 4 minutes
Rate: 8.0


A good way to attract others, is offering to cook for them. Then they will stay for dessert…

Author: keiransx
Date: 24/01/2018
Reading time: 8 minutes
Rate: 0

Fated Meeting POPULAR

A loving wife recalls how she met her loved husband back when she was a stripper.

Date: 31/12/2017
Reading time: 10 minutes
Rate: 0

Square one POPULAR

Making up with an ex lover has never been this sweet or romantic.

Author: ha-alex
Date: 24/12/2017
Reading time: 11 minutes
Rate: 0

Massage for the Wife POPULAR

I let another man massage my wife.

Author: anonymous
Date: 01/12/2017
Reading time: 13 minutes
Rate: 0

That Smell POPULAR

Sometimes you just can't get over the perfume of someone...

Author: keiransx
Date: 28/11/2017
Reading time: 7 minutes
Rate: 0

City Wishing POPULAR

I think people who do not know the city always dream of living there… and never expect to find what they do once they move there.

Date: 13/11/2017
Reading time: 17 minutes
Rate: 0

It's hard POPULAR

Obedient girls are the best kind. But I stumbled upon someone who was not as easy…

Author: mrdice82
Date: 23/10/2017
Reading time: 9 minutes
Rate: 0

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