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"The protagonist of this story’s name is Isabelle. She is a single, 30 year old woman who lives alone in an old house she inherited from some distant family members in New Zealand."

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She is originally from the United States and took the opportunity to start something new in a new country, sort of a reintroduction of herself to the world. Unknown to her, the house was haunted by a ghost, but this ghost had no evil intentions whatsoever.


Isabelle is a short, blonde woman with green eyes and dresses very fashionably. She is in the middle of replacing all the furniture in the house, to turn it into a modern bachelorette pad. The house is two stories big with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom in each one and a large patio with an empty pool. It is surrounded by a few trees and has a tall fence surrounding the lot.


Isabelle breathed in the fresh air that usually wafts around her home in New Zealand as she left the taxi who brought her back home from the supermarket. She had bought enough food to not go to the supermarket again for two weeks. This was her second month living in New Zealand, and now having a stable job at a pet shelter, she could allow herself to buy more food.


Isabelle: “There is no place like home. It will be a chore to take all these groceries in, though. But I cannot wait to be able to make the vegetarian lasagna I saw on TV last night. I am sure it will be worth the effort and the money!


She started to take the bags into the house and unload the contents in the appropriate places in her small kitchen. By the time she was done, she felt tired, but her fridge was full.


Isabelle: I am so tired… I should cook but I am too exhausted after this long day shopping and then the physical labour. I think it is time to take a shower!


Isabelle went upstairs to her room, her steps as well as the door noises echoing through the empty house, which housed only herself. By now, she was thinking of getting a dog. She undressed slowly in front of the mirror, checking herself out as she did, then walked into the shower and turned the water on.


Isabelle: there is nothing quite like a nice, refreshing shower… I really like this cold water because it is good for my skin and makes me feel relaxed.


Almost naturally, our protagonist took her hands to her pussy, which was shaved, tight and pink. She slowly slid one of her fingers into it, and started to softly finger herself, while squeezing her boob as water fell down on her, washing away the remaining soap suds on her wet body.


She continued to finger herself until she made herself squirt, then after a brief moment of pleasure, feeling the pheromones being released onto her body, she snapped back to reality and turned the water off.


Isabella: I may have let myself go a little bit. It has been so long since I got laid… And I have had no time to look for a boyfriend or something because I am always working… I should probably get a dildo or something, I am just getting hornier…


She put on her pink panties and a tight tank top which accentuated her good figure and made her nipples noticeable under the fabric. After getting dressed, putting her hair behind her back, she swiftly walked to the kitchen to pour some cereal on a bowl for dinner, then finish with a small donut as dessert. She sat down to watch some soap operas while she ate.


Isabelle: I swear New Zealand has better TV shows than america… This is true entertainment without being too cheesy…


She heard some loud banging coming from the upper floor, which was cut after a few seconds. She was used to hearing stuff around the house, so she developed an immunity to it and blamed the old structure. She was not scared but shocked.


Isabelle: I hope this house doesn’t fall over me one of these days… I think I will have to do some major redesigning of the structure…


As the moon rode high up the night sky, Jolene felt ready to sleep at almost midnight. She went up to her bedroom and opened the window so the fresh air could get in, then laid down listening to the sound of the wind moving the tree’s leaves.


Isabelle: Sometimes I do feel I am being watched in this dang house… I wonder why? Maybe there is truly a ghost here? I wonder if they watch me while I masturbate… the room feels so quiet when I do…


Thinking about her sex, Isabelle drove her hands lazily down to her pussy, to give it a few more rubs as she slowly fell asleep. She felt she was being watched, but that just turned her on a little more. Before long, she was sleeping. The following morning, she woke up and her panties were on the floor. Her bare pussy was exposed to the cold.


Isabelle: What? Did I take them off last night? I do recall fingering me but not taking them off… I probably did just before falling asleep, anyway.


It was her first day off in a while. She put on her panties then went on with her day, doing a bit of gardening then making the vegetarian lasagna she wanted. It was a busy, productive day. By nightfall, she was tired and wanted to lay down for a bit. She went to her room and took a shower, then laid down naked on her bed.


She began to slowly play with her pussy, then the door to her room closed slowly. She barely noticed, being lost in the pleasure of her touch. She was shocked when it fully closed, but imagined it was the wind. She gushed a little while fingering herself, her legs spread open on her bed. Afterwards, she began to rub her nipples to get them hard, getting ready for more fingering when she suddenly felt her pussy getting cold.


Isabelle: wh-what? Why does my pussy feel so cold suddenly… it also feels like something is moving inside of me… it feels good…


She continued to rub her nipples as the cold feeling in her pussy started to be felt deeper and deeper in her pussy, and she squirted suddenly then did not feel the cold on her pussy anymore.


Isabelle: how did I… Squirt by myself? Man I must be really horny, a light wind hits my pussy and I squirt… I really should get a boyfriend or something…


She felt relaxed so she fell asleep, then the following morning she woke up and saw a wet mess around her crotch part on bed, immediately noticing it was her vaginal juices.


Isabelle: I squirted while sleeping? What the fuck… maybe I fingered myself in my sleep? This has never happened before so I do not know… i should probably take a hot shower, my pussy still feels cold.


Isabelle walked into the shower and turned on the hot water, then began to feel it pouring over her. As she washed her body, flashbacks of her dream from last night popped up in her head. She was being fucked by a handsome man in her dreams.

Isabelle: weird, I forgot this dream… could it be that it was simply a wet dream that made me squirt? It must have been that. It’s not like a ghost was fucking me in my sleep.


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