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"Stories counting the enjoyment of sex alone"

Lonely Girl POPULAR

Sometimes, the weight of my life does not let me enjoy it at its fullest. I have so much stress on me at all times that I just like to unwind every now and then.

Date: 30/12/2017
Reading time: 11 minutes
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Stumbling upon a class like no other.

Author: anonymous
Date: 21/11/2017
Reading time: 12 minutes
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Chained to You POPULAR

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to forget my ex boyfriend.

Date: 04/11/2017
Reading time: 6 minutes
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Military POPULAR

The stuff that is expected of a woman in the military is stressing. We all need a minute to let off some steam…

Author: powersmaxine
Date: 24/10/2017
Reading time: 8 minutes
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Last night's dream POPULAR

Dreams can really get to you... And turn you on...

Date: 20/10/2017
Reading time: 7 minutes
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Helping hand POPULAR

Stress… Something that plagues our lives. There is something we do to let some steam off, but it’s certainly better if someone helps you out.

Author: keiransx
Date: 16/10/2017
Reading time: 8 minutes
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Pleasure. POPULAR

Self-improving is masturbation.

Author: gomdar
Date: 02/05/2017
Reading time: 15 minutes
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Home alone POPULAR

I was bored and alone in my home, so I started to masturbate me, but someone that I didn't expected enter in my room, and it just made me feel more pleasure.

Author: bemyslut69
Date: 07/03/2017
Reading time: 32 minutes
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Toy with me POPULAR

The day I shoved a fist up my ass

Author: ToywithME
Date: 21/01/2017
Reading time: 16 minutes
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Bad Habits POPULAR

Guy jerks off at school and is watched by a classmate. Said classmate goes to guy's house to study for a test and gets fucked in the living room.

Author: strokemymeat
Date: 05/01/2017
Reading time: 9 minutes
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