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 Read, understand and accept the following rules when submitting your stories.

If your stories don't comply with the rules they won't be accepted.

Which rules do I need to follow in order to my stories to be published?

  • The stories must be of minimum quality to be accepted, as well as be of an acceptable length. Low quality or stories that are too short won't be accepted, as they won't be of interest to our readers.

  • The stories must be written with correct spelling. If there are too many spelling mistakes, the story won't be accepted. If you commonly make spelling mistakes, you can resort to word-processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, to auto correct your texts and then upload it onto this webpage. It's also crucial that the story is easily understandable.

  • If the story mentions an under age or if it defends, incites or encourages unlawful acts, it will be rejected.

  • Make sure you write short phrases and split your sentences into short paragraphs, as that makes it easier for the reader to follow your story. Failing to do so will result in your story not being accepted.

  • If you wish to tell your story in chapters or if your story is too long, we advise you to submit it in parts, to be published separately.

  • Make sure you select the right category to publish your story under.
  • ADVICE: Start session.

    You will send your story anonymously and then the waiting time is higher, we will be more rigorous and the story will be less likely to be published. Besides, if you publish anonymously the readers won’t be able to contact you or follow you, we won’t be able to tell you if any changes are needed and you won’t be able to edit your story in the future. Therefore, we recommend you to sign up here or login here to be more in control of your stories and fans.




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