My start sex Published by on 05/11/2015 in Confessions

" Want to read how I started sex and became the viciosilla I am? "

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Today I'll tell you how I discovered sex was when she was a young girl and. . Innocent As on many other occasions was during adolescence and progressively.

Nature has been very generous with me and soon developed a very sick body, big breasts and a nice round ass. Just what my classmates made were revolutionized hormones and crotch.

The first meetings I had were nothing, everything was in our clothes or stay naked means and touching each other the guy on duty and me. I made them a straw and they touched my breasts and I caressed her pussy, but without penetration. At that time in my life I thought so as, years later I discovered how naive I was.

As time passed, not many meetings later, I decided to go a step further and performed my first blow job.. It was a guy I had had some other intimate moment with him. The truth is that he had never asked me to do it, and that day I decided to surprise him and eat.

First I was jerking around with your hands so that you are hard put then sought a more comfortable position to eat his cock. I started running her tongue over the tip, I will never forget that hard but smooth texture on my tongue. And that taste a bit unpleasant but I soon get used. After almost all the cock sucking and leave it well ensalivada, I decided metérmela mouth. Being the first time I choked me and gave me some arcade feel to get me something that big in your mouth. The boy was also the first time that they did and it takes very little to have an ejaculation. Reflecting the act would take off his dick out of her mouth, but ended up skipping the run down his face and chest.

By that time I was very promiscuous, I quickly try a different cock and I slowly proving to all classmates. This meant that I had a reputation for easy girl who practiced fellatio. For about a year I discovered that not all penises are the same, but if they have something similar, how to stimulate them and make the kids run.

Of all the guys I had prepared to give them sex, in the end I kept the ones I liked, had a good cock and then was handsome.

As we had more sexual encounters, oral sex was becoming standard practice, in which I was perfecting the technique and he was having more stamina. Our sexual experience was growing up birthday party of a classmate that was where I had my first full sexual relationship.

In typical birthday party we agree all friends, my "noviete" that moment and I looked for a moment alone in a separate room from the hubbub of the party. As always, we start with oral sex, first alone and then I him 69, we give the mutual pleasure for a while. Then I was the one who told him he wanted to take the final step and have sex at its finest. With the own nerves of the time and several attempts to erect penis and well lubricated my saliva enter, mutual defloration is acted. I first noticed the feeling of having a penis occupying my vagina. It was certainly very different from what had been enjoying so far pleasure. He kept asking if I was feeling much pleasure as it, and the answer was clearly yes. This new plane that had brought us carnal desire unconsciously made up the noise might be. They soon reached several friends and discover, after a moment's vergü embarrassment, one of them commented that this "party" was better. We try to take the room but no way. Discussing we agreed, as I had previously had oral sex with everyone, I made them jacking his cock or eating them whenever they do not participate in anything and was just my noviete which penetrated me. They are not thought more and accepted without question the best deal, and while I had my first vaginal orgasm, semen fell showered me by the hair, face and breasts.

And so was my discovery of sex, obviously with the years I've perfected the technique and now no man that I resist in sex, or group of them passing by my bed without letting her white memory.

I wait in experienciastoulouse.comexptoulouse or


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