Is no age for the love? Published by samaria on 27/09/2016 in Sex with mature men

"Is no age for the love? This is a good question. I want to share a history to my friend Jenna. "

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I want to share a history to my friend Jenna.

Until seven months ago, I still have shaken his head when I read that sex should exist in old age.

Supposedly it would be sparkling, erotic and intense.  The sex in old age would be awesome. That People had experience. It is nice. But this time is incredible to think.

This could confirm that any of my friends, although really still had a sex life that I never had. It is sad to me.  I am pathetic. I knew I was doing in all these years some things than I never want, because I never know what the different facets of eroticism and sex are. To me both were it the same; I knew the differences. Not yet.

I was very cautious and in the university. I was a very good student and an introverted person.  I did not know what sex is.

I met my husband during my studies. In the university, it was a magic moment. Sex was concerned we were both. Foreplay, what is this? Sexual toys too. I did not know what it was a dildo. I always did hurt withdrew why. But my husband was not being a sexual man and when we having sex he was really bad in the bed.  I was pregnant twice and through our backwoods existence we were totally convinced Sex during pregnancy was bad for the child.

This joke was true for us, where would you like to chat or ask: "What did you prefer, Christmas or Sex? Since the other says: "Of course, Christmas, which is often."

If it had not hurt after sex, I would not have known that we had had. I was menopause and since it was completely out. The penetration caused even more pain and we left it completely. Without foreplay and the certain tingle I could not get damp and before menopause had succeeded, could now certainly was not be better.

5 years ago, my husband died of cancer, and for the first time, I wondered if that is to be truly have everything.

The menopause has made me a little fuller, but I would not call me a chubby. My formerly black hair is gray what is actually feasible with 65 years. Otherwise, nature has been kind to me and I can show myself safely on the beach.
However, I have left something go me since my retirement five years ago and done nothing for my appearance on. My friends gave me on my 65th birthday a beauty week and I must say my retreading has my confidence really strengthening and since then I also put back value on my appearance.

I was arrived to a reunion with my friends.  I was invited as guest of honor and especially with Jens I've talked very well. From a real bully a very attractive man had become. I think we were almost the last of which left the meeting. On the way to our hotel we made a detour in a night bar and remained hanging until dawn there.

I had an intensive week than never done except maybe with my friends with someone and I had the feeling to be already eternally friends with Jens. When I got into bed I had another feeling, but could arrange it anywhere. I have indeed noticed his eyes, which moved from time to time about my body, but I thought nothing of it. Not even in the bar where I had no jacket on, his eyes were often directed at my cleavage. It was a pretty blouse than I bought in a sexy shop. I was a mature woman but why not I sexy mature? Or but why not a sexy milf?

But that it did lot of men. You could not escape the eyes and I could tell no more. I was surprised when I received a call from Jens earlier in the week, but somehow this phone ran just as easy as on the evening of class reunion. He invited me to a cinema and I said yes without thinking. The closer movie day came than more I started thinking, if my decision was right more. Ultimately I went but I was surprised by how fast but the evening passed. Was I really fast? Was I really hopeless?

More and more we met, even in the cafe or just to walk around a bit. He was a relly good man. He was worked in a library near the town center. He was very interesting.

The meetings were always entertaining with Jens and I felt such as he was always sympathetic to me and attracted me his essence. Quite true, I did not want to have, but I had fallen in love apparently. But I tried to push; there was this age difference of 24 years. What should he have to as an old box as find me and fought my insides to.

Until this evening approximately half year ago. We had planned this evening for fun fair, but when Jens picked me it began to rain in torrents. After short weighing, we decided the evening with me to spend with pizza and red wine. A perfect plan. Of course, with him.

I did not know how it happened, but I was in his arms suddenly and got the kiss of my life. Oh! A really good kiss. His warm soft lips were like a razor on my and his tongue circled me, like a snake. For the first time in my life, it really crackled and ran me shiver. We came right out of breath and as Jens wanted to move back to what felt like an eternity, I put my arms around his neck and would not let him only go once. Throughout the evening we were snogging more on than on talking and my heart was beating wildly, as if putting his hand only on the legs, then up pushed to his chest and lay on it. He was a good man to did this. My sexual experiences go up.
Although I enjoyed it and I felt hot and cold, I took his hand away and looked him in the eye. Very close to my ear came his lips and his hot breath was all my hairs stand.

"What we have to lose," he whispered.

We had nothing to lose but it was the difference in age and certainly he was thought to have an experienced woman. At the age difference I pointed, the other I hid prefers.

Why exists for the love a difference of age? I think all people must be happy with their sexual life.

"So what? There is much younger women who are not as attractive to look like you. "

The compliment was good and my body was burning with desire for tenderness. "What we have to lose," he had and said and what we really lose. Before he really noticed my inexperience, I maybe had some tenderness and he his sex. I was upset for that.

I took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. He had not wild clothes from his body, but gently and slowly he opened knob button of my blouse and slid it off my shoulders, but he gently kissed cheeks, lips and neck. My skirt fell to the ground already, since I still around with his shirt. He not equal and he took the bra with humor, swore softly and laughed simultaneously. Before he could strip it to me, I held the bra and wanted to close the blinds.

I always had sex in the dark and the street light was at least as much light to the silhouettes and yet to see anything more. So stupid I was still there. A man undressed me and I think of blinds. Fortunately he  not show it how disappointed he was when it was completely dark in the room.

He made up where he left off and continue as tender as I would have never imagined. He shuddered as it hands stroked the breasts and even more as they drove down the back into the slip. The hips back and then the panties were pushed to the back of the hand. From the knees they slid down alone and I got out. Now I stood naked before him, and with his arm in the back he put me gently on the bed. I heard him the things touched by the body and then Jens carefully next to me. My heart was up to his neck, as if putting his hand on my chest and his hard arousal grazed my thigh.

We were an interesting couple. How could he be so excited already? Could he me not see, touched me much and I did not even have still managed to untie the shirt. Without great to think I opened my legs and expected that he lays down on me, I was never been there otherwise usual. But instead, as my late husband to perform the act quickly, I got pats, such as I had never experienced.



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